If you are trying to get pregnant or already is then you have found the perfect website. If you already have had a baby then don’t panic, you are still on the right page.

Here at we have developed a space for all mothers to be or recent mothers.

Why do we think this is important?

Well according to Dr. Phil “You're about to begin the most joyous, fun, unbelievable time of your life. You're getting ready to change all of your thinking about what having a child is like and you're getting ready to have a completely different attitude.”

So why not be prepared and get as much support as possible? Here at we have a panel that consists of 6 women where 4 of them have been through at least 1 pregnancy themselves. Therefore they know what is required and what problems are related to either getting pregnant, expecting or having a newborn baby.


Get Pregnant

For many women, the way to getting pregnant is not always an easy way.

Infertility is something that a lot of women suffer from. We here at have seen a lot of different products on how to become pregnant and 90% of the products out there on the market are scams.

We tested some of the products and came up with a few that might not be scams. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to getting pregnant, but it doesn’t harm to try different methods or tips.

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Are you Expecting?

The panel has spent a lot of time searching the Internet to find the right products that can help you through the problems you might face in this wonderful time of your life.

One of the problems that the panel focuses on, is how to achieve a healthy pregnancy and not gaining a lot of unnecessary baby fat.

As Dr. Phil says “Weight gain is a part of pregnancy and is needed in order to support the growing life inside your body. Research absolutely supports exercise during pregnancy, such as low impact cardio, yoga and light weight training. Women who exercise during pregnancy are much less likely to have postpartum depression, and much more likely to regain their figure and lose the weight rapidly afterward.”

We here at hope that you will find what you are searching for.

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New Mum


Here at the panel most of us know how it feels to become a mum. It is a wonderful time of your life and we of course want you to enjoy it as much as possible.

When this is said, we also know that becoming a mum requires a lot. We have found and tested some products that might make your time as a new mum even more wonderful.

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