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Are you 1 of those people who think they live healthy, but just find it hard to lose those last kilos and tone up your body??

If yes, then maybe you should take your time and read through our reviews of different workout solutions that could help you to get those abs you always wanted or maybe get rid of those grandma’ arms that always prevents you of putting on your favorite top.

Our goal is to provide you with credible information on which work out programs really works.

Our review goes through different alternatives that can help you succeed and get rid of those extra kilos and tone up your body. It is important to notice that people are different from each other, so we therefore recommend you to read through the different programs and choose the one most suited for you.

Our reviews are based on extensive research and each program is review with cons and pros to make you feel comfortable in your choice.



All about abs $29.95

all about abs

All about abs is an e-book that focus entirely on getting those abs you always wanted. If your critically area is your tummy then this product is absolutely a must have!!!

99% of all people fail to achieve their goal when they start to exercise because they do not have the right guidelines and therefore their workout have no purpose!

According to Charles Inniss ”In order to succeed, you need structure and direction and expert coaching.”

This e-book is specially designed for women and trusts us; it does give you those abs if you are willing to put a bit of effort into it!!!

And that is not all!!!

With this product you can learn how to lose 5-10 pounds in a month and you will learn how some key stretches can help you shrink your waistline.

This product is for everyone. There are secrets to how you lose that belly fat after pregnancy and how to get fab abs even though you are past the 50!! This product is so fantastic that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied after 8 weeks and we here at the panel would definitely recommend you to buy this as we do feel jealous at our test person new amazing abs!!!




Go Sleeveless $77.00

Are you 1 of those many women who have troubles with the so called “grandma`” arms??

Here at the panel we discussed what most women really hate about their bodies and we all agreed that a huge problem is those sagging arms that prevent us to put on our favorite top.

The belly is easily covered up and the bum can be helped with these new pantyhose, but the sagging arms are hard to disguise. So here at the panel we decided to find a workout program to overcome a lot of womens most conspicuous problem!

After a lot of research we found the program Go Sleeveless! And trust us; it works!!!!

Our test person was thrilled after only 5 weeks and she actually came scrolling in the office with her new bought tank top and said that she normally wouldn’t buy a top like that, but the results from the work out gave her the confidence of finally wearing those tops she always wanted.

So what does the program consist of?

You can choose to follow the program over 6 or 12 weeks based on your starting point. If you are a beginner the program recommend you to follow it for 12 weeks, so you you will get a more gradual approach to the workout.

The exercises are easy to approach and you will be instructed in how to perform them so you can feel comfortable with the training. Another bonus with this workout is that it is not time consuming and you can do it at home whenever you want. The exercises are inspiring and funny to do, so this is not 1 of those workouts that you will drop after 1 week. Furthermore the results are so amazing that once you started and see the changes you are so encouraged to continue that quitting is not an option.

If you, despite our doubt, should not be satisfied with the results you will get your money back guaranteed. So no reason for not trying this amazing product and get rid of those sagging grandma’ arms!!!!





Thin thighs program $79.00

Butt, hips and legs, are those your trouble areas and do you want to do something about it right now? Then you should try the thin thighs program.

The product promise you to reduce your overall size of your legs, butt and hips. It promise to teach you what food to avoid if you want a firmer lower body, as some food goes directly to these areas.

It teach you what exercise that are most helpful to get rid of those extra pounds on your lower body and some helpful tips to make your lower body look thinner without any exercises at all!!

The program consist of over 150 pages of life changing body shaping text and it promise you that if you read through it all it will change your life forever.

The trainer behind this product is the famous Victoria Johnson who is known from television and a well known celebrity trainer. Now she wants to share her and the celebrities’ secrets with you!

According to our test person the program is definitely working!! NO DOUBT!!

But the down side to this program is that you will have to be 100% motivated because it is time consuming and there are moments where you wish you had never started.

When this is said our test person claimed that she could see results after only 4 weeks and we here at the panel we could definitely see improvements.

The conclusion must be that this program does indeed work, but if you are one of those women who find it hard to keep track on a tight schedule you might consider one of the other workout programs. On the other hand if you do have a lot of self control and wish to see results quick then you should have a closer look at this product.




Abs Uncrunched $39.95

The Abs Uncrunched Makeover consists of 6 Intense Phases, from beginner to advanced fat burning exercises. In less than 12 weeks the program promises you to get those abs you always wanted.

This product promise you that you can burn twice the fat in half time and that the exercises are for everyone and they can be done everywhere.

Abs Uncrunched Makeover is a complete step-by-step system designed to use minimal equipment to burn fat at rapid speeds and develop sleek & sexy Bikini Ready Abs.

Our test person found the exercises a bit trivial and in the end a bit boring and furthermore the results were not as perfect as expected.

When this is said she did see results and we must point out that there can be difference in our test persons and that she did admit that in the 2 last weeks she didn’t put full effort into the program as she lost a bit of interest. So if you are fully committed to the program and if you have the self control to follow the program it does shows improved results.

On top of the program you will also receive a detailed nutrition program to get you going, but this is quite a hard diet and you might suffer a bit in keeping up if you do have a sweet tooth. The bonus about this product is that it gives you exercises for getting that bum shaped as well, so it is not just for the abs but for those areas that we women wants to improve before the bikini season.

Overall this product is worth purchasing if you are going holiday and want to get ready for the bikini, but it does take a lot of self control to get through the program and furthermore it can get a bit boring, but the good thing about this program is that it is time saving and you can get started as soon as you order the product from the link below.




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